Mentors and protégés have an opportunity to:

  • Network with other talent development professionals while tuning up leadership skills
  • Identify and achieve career goals
  • Improve self-confidence

If you are interested in being a Mentor or Protégé, please download the appropriate application below. Complete the form and email to Jimmy Glenos at

Mentor Application - Click to download form

Protégé Application - Click to download form

Please note spaces are limited and based on availability we may not accept all applications.

2024 KEY DATES (all programs are virtual)

Program Information Session for Potential Mentors: Wednesday, January 10 (6pm – 7pm)

Register Here

Program Information Session for Potential Protégés: Thursday, January 11 (6pm – 7pm)

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Mandatory Orientation Webinars: Saturday, January 20 (10am – 11am) 

Kick-off Pairing Event: Saturday, February 3  (9am – 12pm)

Mid-term Event: Saturday, April 13 (10am – 12pm)

Graduation Event: Saturday, June 22  (10am – 12pm)

*If interested please contact our Director of the Mentorship Program

Jimmy Glenos:


Mentors are professionals looking for opportunities to give back, to achieve their own goals, or to sharpen their skills while teaching others.

Requirements to be a Mentor:

  • Be or become a chapter member
  • Can dedicate approximately 4 hours per month working with your protégé
  • Have the desire and professional experience to work with your protégé toward achieving their professional development goals


Protégés can be individuals new to the Talent Development industry, or experienced professionals looking to change careers or learn new skills.

Requirements to be a Protégé:

  • Be or become a chapter member
  • Can dedicate at least 4 hours per month working with your mentor as well as on your own
  • Be willing to set and actively work toward achieving professional development goals


Since its inception in 2008, the Carol Susan DeVaney Mentorship Program has made a positive difference in the lives of more than 360 professionals.

Your commitment will include:

  • Meeting regularly with your partner (either in-person or virtually)
  • Setting goals and expectations
  • Maintaining regular communication
  • Attending all four program events

  • Enjoying yourself and having fun!

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