In 2015 ATDSFL was awarded a Chapter Excellence Award for Advancing the Profession through CPLP.

Top Five Reasons to Become CPLP Certified

  • Build and validate your skills
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Differentiate yourself in a competitive job market
  • Broaden your career opportunities
  • Join an elite professional community

Click here for the ATD CPLP Interactive Guide and download the CPLP Certification Handbook.

What is CPLP?

The Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) is broad based and measures a talent development professionals’ competency in 10 areas of expertise (AOEs) with a focus on global mindset as defined by the latest ATD Competency Model.

Successful CPLPs report that the process of studying for and getting their CPLP designation was a tremendous growth opportunity, allowed them to both learn and give back to the profession, and made a positive impact on their careers.

To earn the credential, candidates must: Have at least five (5) years of industry related experience, pass a knowledge exam consisting of 150 multiple-choice questions, and pass a Skills Application Exam (SAE) which is a computer-based exam consisting of four case studies and 100 questions in one of the following AOEs: Instructional Design, Training Delivery, or Managing Learning Programs.

Who can apply for the CPLP?

To be eligible, all candidates must have at least five years of full-time professional work experience in the Talent Development field or the equivalent. Click here to learn more about eligibility requirements. Click here to apply for the CPLP exam.

How much studying/preparation is required?

Most participants spend a total of 90 hours to prepare for the knowledge exam and at least 40+ hours to prepare for the Skills Application Exam.

Reach out to ATDSFL to join our next 11-week CPLP virtual study group to prepare for the exam!

What makes up the Knowledge Exam and Skills Application Exam?

Knowledge Exam

Skills Application Exam (SAE)

150 multiple choice questions on ten Areas of Expertise (AOE), deemed critical for workplace learning and performance professionals. Candidates will have three hours to complete the exam. For scoring purposes some areas are weighted more than others.

  • AOE 1: Instructional Design (13-14%)
  • AOE 2: Training Delivery (13-14%)
  • AOE 3: Performance Improvement (13-14%)
  • AOE 4: Evaluating Learning Impact (11-12%)
  • AOE 5: Learning Technologies (11-12%%)
  • AOE 6: Managing Learning Programs (8-9%)
  • AOE 7: Coaching (8-9%)
  • AOE 8: Integrated Talent Management (8-9%)
  • AOE 9:Change Management (8-9%)
  • AOE 10: Knowledge Management (5-6%)

The ATD Learning System serves as the body of knowledge for the workplace learning and performance profession as classified by the ATD Competency Model.  Click here for more information on the ATD Learning System.

Click here for the CPLP guide and download the complete handbook.

After passing the knowledge exam, candidates will schedule time to take the Skills Application Exam. The Skills Application Exam is designed to provide candidates with the opportunity to apply their skills to real-world scenarios they might encounter in their work. Candidates are expected to critically review and analyze documents and make decisions regarding case study material.

The exam consists of case studies that include the following:
• an overview that establishes a job-related scenario
• various documentation to support the scenario
• questions that are linked to the scenario or supporting documentation.

All scenarios, supporting documentation, and questions are related to one of the following AOEs:
• Instructional Design (ID)
• Training Delivery (TD)
• Managing Learning Programs (MLP)

All questions map to an associated Key Action within the AOE. All questions are based on the scenario or related documentation. Questions will be of the following types:
• traditional multiple-choice format (see description in the Knowledge Exam section)
• short answer - candidates provide a short alphanumeric text response
• multi-select - candidates can select more than one correct response from a list of options. 

Click here to learn more about the ATD competency model

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