In 2015 ATDSFL was awarded a Chapter Excellence Award for Advancing the Profession through CPLP.

Top Five Reasons to Become CPLP Certified

  • Build and validate your skills
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Differentiate yourself in a competitive job market
  • Broaden your career opportunities
  • Join an elite professional community

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What is CPLP?

The Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) is the only credential covering the entire talent development profession.  To earn the credential, candidates must: 1) meet eligibility requirements, 2) successfully complete a ten-area knowledge exam, and 3) submit a successful project (work product) in one of four areas.

Who can apply for the CPLP?

To be eligible, all candidates must have at least five years of full-time professional work experience in the Talent Development field or the equivalent. Click here to review Part 1 (program overview and eligibility) of the Certification Handbook.

How much studying/preparation is required?

Most participants spend a minimum of 8-12 weeks to prepare for the knowledge exam and at least 40 hours to prepare for the work product submission, in addition to the time it takes to complete the project itself.

What makes up the Knowledge Exam and Work Product?

Knowledge Exam

Work Product

150 multiple choice questions on ten Areas of Expertise (AOE), deemed critical for workplace learning and performance professionals. For scoring purposes some areas are weighted more than others.

  • AOE 1: Instructional Design (16%)
  • AOE 2: Training Delivery (16%)
  • AOE 3: Performance Improvement (16%)
  • AOE 4: Evaluating Learning Impact (12%)
  • AOE 5: Managing Learning Programs (10%)
  • AOE 6: Coaching (7%)
  • AOE 7: Integrated Talent Management (9%)
  • AOE 8: Change Management (8%)
  • AOE 9: Knowledge Management (6%)
  • AOE 10: Learning Technologies*

*The Learning Technologies AOE is comprised of items that are embedded within the other nine AOEs and represents approximately 11% of test content.

The ATD Learning System serves as the body of knowledge for the workplace learning and performance profession as classified by the ATD Competency Model.  Click here for more information on the ATD Learning System.

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After passing the knowledge exam, candidates are provided with an opportunity to demonstrate their work competence in one particular AOE area by preparing and submitting a sample or segment of work called a work product.General requirements include:
  • The work is based on a learning program or project.
  • The work is current (i.e., performed within the past five years from the work product deadline).
  • The candidate is the primary contributor of the project.
  • The work sample material is not fabricated or staged.
  • The candidate can supply the required evidence for the AOE.
  • The work product is in English.
  • The work performed resulted in tangible deliverables.
AOE-specific requirements include:
  • Instructional Design: The selected project must be one where the candidate was a major contributor to the hands-on design and development of a learning program.
  • Training Delivery: The selected project must be one where the candidate delivered the training and facilitated learning.
  • Performance Improvement: The selected project must be one where the candidate identified, analyzed, and closed a performance gap.
  • Managing Learning Programs: The selected project must be one where the candidate demonstrated the successful management of one or more learning projects.
For more information refer to the Candidate Handbook (Part 3). Click Here

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